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Bulk SMS

Inext Infotech caters to the market segment who wish to send SMS from an internet connected PC (Internet to Person - I2P) or any software application (Application to Person - A2P).

These could Include :

  • Individuals or Retail consumers
  • Enterprises or Corporate consumers
  • Software / Internet Applications

Most of the retail customers use Inext Infotech's website to compose and send SMS. They can also use our custom plug-ins, certified by Microsoft, to extend the capabilities of their desktop applications like MS Excel and MS Outlook to send SMS.

Features that benefit our users immensely :

  • Ease of use
  • Ease of integration
  • Zero start-up costs
  • Feed-back through delivery reports
  • Customized bulk push etc.

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Inext Infotech is widely recognized for adding value to online endeavors for a variety of companies in wide-ranging markets. We can do the same for you!